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PP Interlocking Tiles
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“ENLIO is approved by ITF ”

ENLIO is happy to introduce Gallant Sports & Infra Pvt.Ltd. as their exclusive distributors and stockist in India for PP Interlocking Tiles. We are product to have sold more then 20 courts in the first year of existence in India because of high quality and low price.

ENLIO interlocking modular sports flooring is the number one choice for Basketball, Skating, Tennis and Kindergarten Flooring. ENLIO is now being preferred for supplying to Olympics 2020 and also Asian 3 x 3 Outdoor Basketball. Enlio is also proud to produce Tiles with Rubber top for 30% more shock absorption, anti skid and better playability – again a first one ever and a patented technology.

These multi-sport and multi-purpose products are bright and robust and come with a warranty of 10 years, and estimated life of over 15 years, thus ensuring greater return on investment. It is suitable for every level of play – amateur, training and competition. Varying degree of shock-absorption systems, extensive choice of colours, logo creations, portability…all add to making it an ideal choice for your outdoor courts. ENLIO is approved by ITF and also AFC for their Futsal requirement.

ENLIO has also launched SOFT CORNER with small tiles held in one big tile for maximum contraction and expansion requirement. all our tiles comes with Dots for Anti Slip resistance.

ENLIO is happy to introduce Kindergarten Floor Tiles in various colours and also Anti Slip Swimming Pool Mats/Tiles.

Over the years, our sporting infrastructure systems and services have been used by a large number of universities, commercial bodies, Government subsidiaries and amateur clubs for maximizing function and minimizing costs.

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