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In recognition of the superior quality and experience provided by Gallant Sports & Infra Pvt. Ltd., Adidas Group has contracted with Gallant to be its Sponsor and ‘Official Performance Partner’ of Gallant Sports and the Gallant football turf fields at Juhu, Mumbai. 

This is a noteworthy acknowledgement of Gallant’s commitment to executing infrastructure and quality fundamentals to their highest level

CCGrass is the largest manufacturer of artificial grass in the world providing the best artificial turf for both athletic and landscape purposes. With more than 15 years of focussed development, CCGrass serves clients including professional football clubs, government bodies, schools, and households in more than 100 countries with a total volume of 60 million SQM worldwide. Gallant Sports and Infra Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be the sole and exclusive distributor/reseller and service provider for its wide range of artificial sports grass with PRT technology, GrassCool and Ultrasport range for football turf, cricket wicket and multisport.

Alveosport by Sekisui Alveo AG, is a European leader in foams specializing in polyolefin foams and a pioneer in its range of innovative shock pads for artificial turf systems supported with easy installation, optimized sporting performance, extended durability and excellent environmental profile.Gallant Sports & Infra Pvt. Ltd. is the official representative of Alveosport shock pads in India for the best solution for all artificial turf sports fields.

Shijiazhuang Enlio Sports Goods Co., LTD., is a chief plastic sports floor manufacturer with an annual production capacity of 5,000,000 SQM. Enlio developed its PVC sports flooring in 2006 with Taiwanese technology and German metal-rolling production line. 

Enlio products are exported to the UK, France, Korea and many countries in Southeast Asia. Gallant Sports & Infra Pvt. Ltd. has accorded to the Enlio brand in India, Gallant was conferred with the best International Distributor Award in 2018 and named Outstanding Distributor in 2017.

KDF LTD is one of the most dynamic and export-oriented Greek companies (currently activated in more than 60 countries in 4 continents), producing and trading a wide range of building materials and complete systems.  

For decades now KDF has been one of the absolute experts in sports flooring in Europe, providing complete acrylic or polyurethane-based solutions for indoor and outdoor sports courts and halls, as well as wet-pour playgrounds, running tracks and PU binder and glues. 

Gallant Sports & Infra Pvt. Ltd is proud to be their partner in India.

Headquartered in Netherlands, Redexim Charterhouse is a global supplier of Golf Course and Turf Management equipment with a distribution network in over 100 countries and offices in Australia, China, United Kingdom and USA. Redexim machinery has been the preferred choice for the 2016 Rio Olympics, FIFA choice for 2014 & 2018 World Cups in Brazil   and Russia respectively, and is also trusted worldwide by prominent golf courses such as the Royal Birkdale Golf Club in the United Kingdom, Oakland Hills Country Club and the Valhalla Golf Club in the United States for turf maintenance. Gallant Sports & Infra Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be the official distributor of Redexim Charterhouseˇs cutting-edge turf maintenance machinery in India and extending their reach to the buyers who are looking for reliable one-stop shop solutions for sports infrastructure maintenance solutions, both for artificial turf and natural grass.

Envirostik are the UK market leader of adhesives for synthetic grass, particularly sports surfaces and artificial turf landscaping applications. Gallant Sports & Infra Pvt. Ltd. is the official representative of ENVIROSTIK in India.

As one of the world’s largest artificial turf companies, ACT Gloabal’s facilities are in three continents, sales in 90 countries, and a trusted network of partners around the world. Gallant Sports & Infra Pvt. Ltd. is proud to be their partner in India.