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Football & Futsal
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Our partner is the global leader in the manufacturing and innovation of artificial football Turf. We produce more soccer fields than any other global manufacturer and has the widest choice in available tested system.

Our high-performance artificial grass products have been widely adopted by top football clubs such as a championship-winning Chelsea. Olympiacos CFP and are regularly used in international tournaments, such as the  2015 Summer Universiade (Gwangju), 2014 Summer Universite-(Taipei), and the homeless world cup.

Fiber – Our Fiber Appears and feels like natural grass which enables the players to slide, spirit, pass, and fun freely on the surface. The yarns incorporate durable and constant surface that can be used 365 days a year.

Backing – Our backing is made of multiplayer woven fabric to provide dimensional stability to the whole system. A layer of coating is introduced for durability which extends the life span of the whole system. The holes in the backing allow superior drainage and easy clean-up.

Infill – Proper infill material recommended by us is vital for a safe and high-performance sports surface. We offer artificial turf systems with various kinds of infills like SBR, EPMD, TPE, Cark, Coconut

Sub-base – Stable and uniform sub-base is required for the system.

Quality Where it Matters
– Football turf solutions for all levels of football
– Our artificial grass football systems excel in vertical ball rebound (0.6-0.85), shock absorption (60%-70%), and skin friction (0.35-0.75)

Over the years, our sporting infrastructure systems and services have been used by a large number of universities, commercial bodies, Government subsidiaries and amateur clubs for maximizing function and minimizing costs.

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