Artificial Grass

“Artificial Turf for Sports and Landscaping”

Sports grass for your dirt grounds, cemented areas and terraces with 10-years warranty and 20-years maintenance-free life, offering the same playing experience year after year.

Gallant Sports is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with CCG, the World’s Largest Turf Manufacturer, which has the experience of creating artificial turf for both professional sporting and landscaping purposes. CCG is well known for providing high-performing products for multi-purpose use, such as 11-a-side and 7-a-side football fields, hockey fields, and running tracks all around. The turfing solutions extend to games like volleyball, tennis, handball all of which can be customized for the bespoke needs of an institute, residential complex, or school.

Multi-purpose Sports Ground with High Performance Playability

Owing to the sheer complexity of the multi-purpose fields, and Gallant’s motto to never compromise on performance quality, we offer all-encompassing solutions that range from helping you choose the right indoor and outdoor surface options to designing, crafting, and maintaining the facility. Gallant takes away the painstaking designing process while providing best-in-class installation capabilities to ensure strong playability over time. When you choose us, you are accessing world-class products, best-in-class proficient and precise consultancy, and high performing, skilled installation professionals who do the job in the shortest possible time.

Our Football and Hockey system meets both FIFA 2 Star Standard and the FIH National Standard, and our Football and Rugby system has passed both the FIFA Laboratory Test and the IRB Laboratory Test.

Civil Construction

Our Civil Engineering team uses all kinds of bases at minimum construction costs. We also offer supervision for a long lasting base in case the client wishes to do their own civil work. The base forms the back bone of all turf installations, hence it is key that factors like sub-soil drainage, weather conditions and choice of asphalt or concrete are expertly thought through to make a dynamic and long-lasting foundation.


Our consulting services enable you to choose the product, best-suited to your requirements. Our professional team is able to offer valuable advice and guidance that helps choose from a wide range of products for a variety of applications.

Football Turf

Football Fields are dependent not only on the surface turf but other factors, like base with the right drainage, installation with right glues and tapes or stitching and most importantly the right mix of silica, sand and rubber granules, play a large part in ensuring robust fields.

Gallant and its manufacturing partner make a formidable pair, as leading innovators and manufacturers of artificial football turf. We are representing in Football – the world’s largest producer and seller of artificial grass with an annual production volume of approximately 10 million square meters of football turf only, equivalent to four full-size football fields daily. High performance CC Grass products have been widely adopted by top football clubs, such as the championship-winning Chelsea, and used in tournaments such as the Homeless World Cup, the FIFA U-17 World Cup and the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Gallant takes pride in being the only company in India which has made a football field with “Non Infill Grass” for football in New Delhi.

Tennis Solutions

Ensuring we follow the International Tennis Federation’s Court Pace Rating to the tee, we ensure that our world-class tennis turf meets professional-level sporting requirements, while staying attractive and comfortable. Our turfs are known to enhance the aesthetic value of the community and commercial areas.

A zero-maintenance, sand-filled court is ideal for schools, clubs and institutes.


CC Grass is one of the first manufacturers to design and produce safe and durable grass for private gardens as well as public landscape projects. CCG products conform to the strictest industrial standards such as DIN, RoHS, REACH, CE, and more. With these standards, the safety of artificial grass is not a concern for your families and pets. Gallant Sports tie up with CCG allows you to decorate your garden spaces aesthetically with non-toxic, environment friendly, low-maintenance artificial grass at prices that suit every budget.


Cricket being the main sports in India – we provide practice pitches as per world and BCCI standards and also provide full cricket fields with artificial grass. Our products are already used for outfields and we have made a medium sized cricket ground in Delhi and making another one in Mumbai in the coming months.


With water and maintenance getting difficult and costly – Artificial Golf Grass for Tees, Rough, Chipping, Putting and Greens are becoming very common. There are many golf courses in the world which are going for this solution for amateurs and professionals.

Our best products are for chipping and putting in Golf Course practice area or in private residences and clubs.