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Artificial Sports Turf
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“Artificial Turf for Sports and Landscaping”

Sports grass for your dirt grounds, cemented areas and terraces with 10-years warranty and 20-years maintenance-free life, offering the same playing experience year after year.

Gallant Sports is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with CCG, the World’s Largest Turf Manufacturer, which has the experience of creating artificial turf for both professional sporting and landscaping purposes. CCG is well known for providing high-performing products for multi-purpose use, such as 11-a-side and 7-a-side football fields, hockey fields, and running tracks all around. The turfing solutions extend to games like volleyball, tennis, handball all of which can be customized for the bespoke needs of an institute, residential complex, or school.

Over the years, our sporting infrastructure systems and services have been used by a large number of universities, commercial bodies, Government subsidiaries and amateur clubs for maximizing function and minimizing costs.

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